Different Events Where Pipe and Drape Makes a Great Addition

Pipe and drape systems are a convenient and affordable way to create a backdrop, transform a venue, or provide a private area at an event. But what you may not realize is that a pipe and drape system can be as simple or as elegant as you desire because of the numerous design options available. Here are some different ways you can use fabric back drapes for a number of occasions.


You can use the simplest of drape systems to quickly create an area for privacy. You may need a private area for staging at an event, or simply need a makeshift changing room. You can also create privacy with a more elegant set of pipes and drapes and mood lighting to create an intimate lounge area. Whatever your reason for privacy is, pipe and drapes are a great option because they’re easy to move around, they can be set up quickly, and they’re effective at keeping prying eyes out.

Turn Ordinary to Elegant

It may not seem elegant to hold an important event in a convention center or gymnasium; however, you can easily turn such a setting into an elegant setting with the right drapes and pipes. There are numerous styles and colors of drapes as well as lighting options behind the drapes or in the pipes themselves to turn even the most drab surroundings into an elegant affair.

Backdrop Options

Many events require a backdrop, whether it’s for photos, a head table at a wedding, or to place behind the band. Fortunately, you can create any backdrop imaginable with themed fabric or different arrangements of the drapes by layering, using tiebacks, and crossing drapes over each other. The pipe and drapes can be hung in a manner that highlights the other decor and features of an event like a wedding.

Canopy Uses

Another option many people overlook with pipe and drape kits is how to use them overhead. But these kits can easily be made into a canopy to help disguise the venue or to create a canopy for a significant event like a wedding ceremony or other formal ceremony. Contact VIP Crowd Control Inc. today to learn about pipe and drape systems options.

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