Rent vs Purchase Pipe and Drape System: Which is Better?

One question those looking to use a pipe and drape system frequently ask is whether they should buy or rent. The correct answer depends on a number of factors. If you are looking at a pipe and drape for sale or considering renting a pipe and drape system, consider these factors before you decide.

How Much You Will Use It

Obviously, if you only use a pipe and drape kit for a single event every year buying a kit probably does not make a lot of sense. If, however, you have multiple events you will use the system, a purchase makes more sense in terms of maximizing your dollar than renting.

Customization Needs

Another reason you may want to consider buying pipe and drape kits is that you can customize your system to meet your needs. With a rental, you have to mold your specifications to fit the kit; with ownership, you can purchase the setup you want and adjust your pipe and drape system to fit your needs. This includes customizing your kit to different venues. So if you need a larger setup, with ownership, you can buy more pipe and drape and fit as needed; for a smaller event, you adjust and have an inventory of extra components if you need them to adjust your planned setup.

Event Size

Using a rental system is perfect if you have pipe and drape needs that exceed a normal pipe and drape kit. If that event is a one-off, it is even better. For smaller pipe and drape needs, ownership is a better option. Another factor in that decision is what your storage capacity is. Storing a large kit takes up a lot of space.

The decision to go with a pipe and drape for sale or to look at rentals kits depends on your needs and how those needs affect the cost of the system. If you are in that position, use the above information as a guideline and do not forget to check out all sales and rental options before you decide. Contact the experts at VIP Crowd Control, Inc. for more information!

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