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Crowd Control Equipment

Crowd Control Products

With over 20+ years of experience in the crowd control industry, VIP Crowd Control understands that each business has its unique needs. This is why we have an array of available options for any type of business.

  • Retractable belt stanchions
  • Decorative posts and ropes
  • Wall mounted belt barriers
  • Sign frames and holders
  • Plastic stanchions
  • LED stanchion and LED sign board
  • Red carpet and event rugs
  • And more!

From outdoor events, to red carpet glam, VIP Crowd Control can help you treat every customer like a VIP.

  Retractable Belt Stanchions

Our crowd control equipment line of belt stanchions are one the most affordable on the market today, whatever your business or facility needs for the crowd control equipments, VIP crowd control equipment catalog is your best solution.

VIP Crowd Control stanchions offer an unbeatable combination of high quality, competitively priced popular product choices to meet today's growing demands for line management. Choose from our wide selection of crowd control equipments finish and rainbow of belt colors, all stanchions are pre-built in large quantities to save you time and money.

We are your factory direct warehouse ready to take you to the front of the line!

Your savings don't stop there, all VIP stanchion posts are shipped in two per box, knocked down to save you even more on shipping. Each of our stanchions is simple assembly, place the base weight on the floor and screw in the post. No extra tools required, assembles in seconds.

All stanchion products and accessories are ready for same day ordering and shipping.

Crowd Control Equipment Retractable Belt Stanchions
Decorative Posts & Ropes  
Decorative Posts & Ropes

The VIP decorative post and ropes equipment line-up features a solid variety of both classic and modern styling in post selections and the most popular of velour and braided rope choices available. The VIP post and rope choices are the answer to your Crowd Control equipment questions.

VIP's post and rope selection combines of high quality, competitively priced popular equipment choices to meet today's growing demands for line management and entertainment display.

Our savings don't stop there, all VIP posts are shipped two per box, knocked down so that you save even more on shipping. All post rope products are simple to assemble, place the base weight on the floor and screw in the post and clip your rope selection to the post ring and you are ready for business. No tools required, assembles in just seconds.

All post and rope products and accessories are ready for same day ordering and shipping.

  Wall Mounted Belt Barriers

VIP's proven high quality retractable belt barrier system that mounts just about anywhere. Perfect for aisle ways, warehouse racking, checkout stands, roll-up doorways, garage door entrances and the list is endless. With VIP magnetic wall mount barrier design, crowd control options are no longer limited by space. Drilling will no longer be needed for crowd control situation between walls under metallic attachment housing. Let the VIP Wall Mount product lines answer your Crowd Control question.

VIP's retractable belt wall mount barriers are compact attractive units that can be mounted to any surface simply and quickly. All Wall Mount products and accessories are ready for same day ordering and shipping.

Crowd Control Equipment Wall Mounted Belt Barriers
Sign Frames & Holders  
Sign Frames & Holders Crowd Control Equipments | Crowd Control Products

VIP Sign Frames & Holders are the perfect complement to add to your retractable belted barrier stanchions. Whether you need to give directions within your store or place of business or use the sign frame to feature a sales offering or special promotion, the VIP sign choices are ideal for customer communication.

Featuring the most wanted sign choice sizes on the market VIP has made your searching easy, readily available for immediate shipment are both the very popular landscape size which measures 11" wide by 7" tall or the stylish portrait version which is 7" wide by 11" tall.

Both the landscape and portrait sign frame versions come in polished chrome mirror and black powder coated finishes. Each sign frame includes a black sign holder which fits both the VIP brands of Economy & VIP stanchions.

  Plastic Stanchions

VIP offers high quality plastic stanchions that are designed for any indoor or outdoor crowd control traffic use. They are light weight and portable and made from high density polyethylene material.

Our choices of plastic stanchions are simple. We have 2 different lines which cater all your crowd control scenes. Our value line plastic stanchions come with 39" overall height with 2-1/2" diameter, which are frequently utilized at schools, sports events, auto shows and many other applications. As the base is designed to fill with sand to enhance the weight, it the most commonly use in any indoor or outdoor situation.

VIP standard line plastic stanchions are structured with toughness in mind. Its water filled base is made for convenience when extra weight is needed for manufacturing plants, construction sites, government building to military bases which heavy duty queuing is involved. They come with 3 different finishes for the posts and 2 different colors for the bases. VIP can cater any combinations between base and post for your special occasion. With its aesthetic appearance, our plastic stanchion is a great alternative crowd control need. VIP plastic stanchions come with Black, White and Yellow finish so they will be able to stand out in each and every single one of your crowd control events.

Barrier posts | queue barrier | barricades Plastic Stanchions
LED Stanchion & LED Sign Board  
LED Stanchion & LED Sign Board Crowd Control Equipments | Crowd Control Products

VIP Crowd Control now presents a new cutting edge stanchion implementing with the latest LED technology. This LED lighted stanchion will redefine the way business owners guiding crowds into their venue. VIP lighted stanchion comes with 8 different LED lighting modes to cater any business scenes, plus an additional innovative music synchronized mode allowing the LEDs to dance with your music. This advanced music mode will interact LED posts and the rhythm of the melody so it is easy to attract attention instantly.

For your convenience, VIP LED stanchion has the option of either running through an adapter if you are in an indoor atmosphere or this LED post can run on batteries for more portability at any outdoor environment. This LED stanchion is also designed with the connector feature allowing users to link up to 3 stanchions on a single adapter or 3 x size D batteries. The advantage on this feature not only to bring you more coverage from crowd control aspect but also to synchronize up to 3 LED lighted stanchions simultaneously.

LED sign board (sold separately) will be a great addition to VIP LED stanchion. This LED board is specifically structured to fit with VIP LED posts so there is no need to run any additional power source. Since this illuminated LED sign board is running on the same power source as LED stanchion, the lighting will also be able to synchronize with the LED posts. There are 4 highlighters included with the LED sign board to brighten up your creativity on the message.

  Red Carpets & Event Rugs  

Are you looking to make your next event in Hollywood style?
Are you hosting a formal occasion where you need to welcome your special guests in VIP way?

VIP Crowd Control offers affordable red carpet to add value to your event appearance and interest of hospitality. While entertaining any events, presentation means a lot to both your prestigious guests and yourselves. The concept of spending less money on quality products is always an ultimate goal in either one of the situations. That is the reason why VIP Crowd Control constantly works so hard to find the right product at a reasonable price. Each one of our carpet is at star quality and we ensure your guests will truly be amazed with your event decoration and feel like a star.

If you are looking to stand out more with your occasion, combining VIP event red carpet with one of VIP decorative rope stanchion set will definitely bring your event to the next level and make each one of your guests a truly VIP. All of our red carpets are brand new direct from the manufacture and ready to ship for same day delivery in most cases. Call us now to find out more details in various sizes and VIP Crowd Control will help you to welcome your guest in style!

Any size of VIP red carpets are great fit for exhibition, party, wedding, event, award presentations, ceremonies and many mores occasions you name it.

Barrier posts | queue barrier | barricades Red Carpets and Event Rugs
Traffic Cones & Delineator  
Traffic Cones and Delineator Crowd Control Equipments | Crowd Control Products

VIP Crowd Control is proud to announce traffic cone and delineator are our newest introduction. With 100% recycled materials and powered by 3M Series Hi-intensity reflective collar, JBC Revolution Series traffic cones are extremely durable and flexible. From temporarily redirect traffic to create separation during road construction project, JBC traffic safety products are perfect to use in various traffic control conditions.

In order to provide the most extended selections of traffic control equipment, VIP is offering full product lines of traffic cones from 12” to 36” along with 45” delineator. With JBC PVC injection molding technology, every traffic control product is made consistent in weight, size and color. This new innovative JBC Revolution traffic cone is the best of both worlds-high quality and attractive price.

  Custom Stanchions & Belts  

Custom design allows customers to distinguish business from competitions and provide recognization, creditability, professionalism to attract right customers into your business. VIP Crowd Control now has the options to market your company by engaging various custom needs on our finest crowd control equipment. Let our custom department help to promote your company, your brand, and your service and direct customers to your business venue.

Barrier posts | queue barrier | barricades Custom Stanchions Belts
Accessories & Replacement Parts  
Accessories Replacement Parts Crowd Control Equipments | Crowd Control Products

All products will eventually wear off over the years on normal wear and tear. VIP Crowd Control always strives for excellent service to assure our customer is satisfied with their purchase. We stock variety of replacement parts that are needed to make your crowd control equipment to work again. Whether it is a missing part or a replacement piece, why wasting money on a new one when you can DIY your old stanchions back to its original stage. VIP has everything you need to repair your out of warranty stanchions. If you don’t see the parts you need on our page, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-521-0328 and our friendly specialist will find a way to make it happen.

VIP accessory products are designed to make it more versatile with VIP crowd control equipment. At the same time, VIP Crowd Control constantly looking for new accessory products to ascertain all of our crowd control equipment can be utilized to the fullest.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Call VIP Crowd Control now, the parts you are looking for might be in the pipeline and ready for you in any given time.

  Pipe and Drape  

Pipe and Drape works hand in hand with any of VIP Crowd Control products. From a basic partition to exhibition purpose, VIP pipe and drape systems offer value and variety. Without losing quality, VIP is always strive to help consumer save money and time. Our vertical upright is designed with 2 pcs break-apart system to provide portability and its 1.5” diameter tubing doesn’t sacrifice the look and functionality. Our horizontal supports is adjustable so it delivers flexibility. Also, the low profile base assemblies come with the same matching finish as upright and rounded edges as standard features to provide consistent and prevent accident. All of our drape material length are considered with fold in mind and ready for your event.

Crowd Control Equipments | Crowd Control Products Pipe and Drape
Stanchion Cart  
Stanchion Cart Crowd Control Equipments | Crowd Control Products

Stanchion carts are an essential equipment for any crowd control industry. To complete the line up for VIP Crowd Control, stanchion carts become mandatory for our stanchions business. With the different surroundings, the need for the stanchion carts are also vary. VIP purchasing team selected the two most popular versions in the industry– 18 posts flatbed and 21 posts stanchions carts. With the capacity, weight, and how stanchions are being stored as the major factors for the selections, VIP Crowd Control is offering the most cost effective ways to help transport and store your stanchions with the minimal hassle.


VIP Crowd Control is pleased to announce our partnership with Tensator. Tensator is the world leader queue management company that has extensive selections to meet variety of your crowd control solutions. As world leading company, Tensator has set the market standard for all of its retractable product solutions with its innovative patented braking system. As an official distributor of Tensator Group, VIP Crowd Control is able to access full product lines of Tensator inventories. From Tensabarrier retractable stanchions posts to electronic queuing systems, VIP Crowd Control friendly staff will be able to assist and plan with any of your crowd control needs.

Crowd Control Equipments | Crowd Control Products Tensator
Crowd Control Equipment