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Traffic Cones | Delineator
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  Traffic Cones | Delineator
  Traffic Cones | Delineator
  Traffic Cones | Delineator
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Wholesale Traffic Safety Cones


Do you need traffic cones for your next construction or service project? When you need to create a safe environment for your work zone or outdoor project, taking chances on poor quality cones or safety equipment is not an option. VIP Crowd Control has traffic cones for sale that are both highly visible and virtually indestructible. Our traffic safety cones are made from the highest quality rubber and you have the option for a reflective collar or solid orange finish. Purchase affordable traffic cones today and keep your work zone far out of harm’s way.

Who Needs Traffic Cones?

Statistics show that roadside work is some of the most hazardous work to be involved in. Speeding cars, aggressive driving, and poor road conditions can all lead to life threatening situations. Safety traffic cones are crucial to any project involving passing traffic. We’ve served many commercial and government groups in providing traffic safety cones and other safety gear for their roadside work. Our customers know that we care about their safety and won’t cut corners on any of our products or services. Among our clients are:

  • Police departments – Police officers need traffic safety cones in order to deter vehicles and foot traffic from potentially hazardous situations or an official police scene (e.g. accident, event, crime-scene, etc.). They are also used by police officers to section-off permit areas.
  • Road construction crews – Construction crews need orange traffic safety cones as advance warning signals and hazard markers for oncoming traffic. They serve to protect the general area of a construction site as well as workers, motorists, and large construction vehicles and equipment.
  • Public works departments – These departments require orange traffic cones for safety purposes and because it is mandated by the US Federal Highway Administration. Cones are used to alert traffic and to provide advance warning for the safety of outdoor technicians and to steer vehicles away from hazardous conditions and emergencies.
  • Trucking companies – Need orange cones to steer traffic away from active delivery zones. Cones are used by trucks to protect workers, and to guide traffic away from delivery personnel (or drivers) and from merchandise.
  • Utility repair staff – Utility repair staffs are required to use traffic safety cones by the US Federal Highway Administration. Cones are used to steer traffic from various types of utility vehicles and equipment. Traffic cones also assist utility drivers with the prevention of backing over objects or people. The cones serve as a caution for the benefit, and safety of outdoor technicians, and to alert on-coming traffic.
  • Parking lot managers – A parking lot manager needs traffic safety cones to block-off parking spaces, to direct traffic through tightly-packed parking lots. Orange cones are also used by parking lot managers for events, and for the daily activities of a parking lot company.
  • Valet services – Orange traffic safety cones are used by valet services to guide traffic around vehicles in parking lots and to temporarily block off permit areas.

If you are responsible for acquiring traffic-control products for your organization, we can help you order the correct size and number of traffic cones for sale that will make sense for your specific application and budget. Our employees are ready to help you find traffic safety cones to fit your specifications

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In a crunch?

Need traffic control equipment immediately? VIP traffic control products are always ready for same-day delivery to cater to all your last minute traffic safety needs.

Traffic Cones | Delineator
Specification Traffic Cone
Size/Height 12" 18" 28" 36"
Weight 1.5 lbs 3 lbs 7 lbs 12 lbs
Base Height 1" 1.25" 1.75" 2"
Base Size 8.75" X 8.75" 10.5" X 10.5" 13.75" X 13.75" 14.75" x 14.75"
3M Reflector Collar (Option) 4" 6" 6" + 4" 6" + 4"
Recessed NO NO YES YES
Traffic Cones | Delineator

Wholesale Traffic Cones

We like helping people save money. When you order your traffic cones from VIP, you work with experienced wholesale distributors.

Get more out of your budget! Order wholesale traffic cones from VIP!

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We always keep our traffic cones in stock, and we even offer same-day delivery!

You can count on our efficient, friendly service. VIP is here to help you meet your traffic-safety needs! Call us now!

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Traffic Cones | Delineator