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Why Your Next Event Needs Pipe and Drape Systems

Planning a large or extravagant event can be an overwhelming task. The basics–food and entertainment–come naturally to event planners and organizers. Finding a caterer and a band, DJ or speaker are simple tasks to cross of the To Do List. … Continue reading

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How Pipes and Drapes Can Enhance Your Event

A successful event is defined by three things: the aura, entertainment value, and fun the participants have. There are a lot of ways to enhance all three, but one of the most overlooked is an effective event pipe and drape system. … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Color for Your Ropes and Stanchions

Colors can have different meanings in certain situations. A color can alert you to something, set a mood, be calming, be exciting, be a warning sign, and other meanings. Choosing the right color for the particular venue is important. Certain … Continue reading

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Benefits of Pipes and Drape Systems for Tradeshows

Pipe and drape is a useful system that can be used in a tradeshow in various ways. For instance, you can use the system to divide your space or create an exhibit booth. Pipes and drapes come in different colors, … Continue reading

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Pipe and Drape Systems for Elegant Events and Weddings

Whether you’re an event planner or you’re someone taking on your own event or a work event, you need to get to know the pipe and drape system. Using pipes and drapes can create just the ambiance a couple needs to … Continue reading

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Using Retractable Belt Barriers to Maintain Hospital Crowds

Hospitals are infamously busy. Foot traffic rarely slows and never stops, not even overnight or on holidays. Things can get chaotic if you’re trying to manage the foot traffic of patients, visitors, and even visiting healthcare workers in your hospital … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Crowd Control Techniques

Places such as airports, amusement parks, sports stadiums, groceries, and shopping malls tend to have a lot of people walking in and out. Such areas can be quite congested at some times if proper crowd management is not applied. To … Continue reading

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Different Events Where Pipe and Drape Makes a Great Addition

Pipe and drape systems are a convenient and affordable way to create a backdrop, transform a venue, or provide a private area at an event. But what you may not realize is that a pipe and drape system can be as simple … Continue reading

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Rent vs Purchase Pipe and Drape System: Which is Better?

One question those looking to use a pipe and drape system frequently ask is whether they should buy or rent. The correct answer depends on a number of factors. If you are looking at a pipe and drape for sale … Continue reading

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Which Crowd Control Barrier Is Best for Your Venue?

Any event that involves more than a handful of people requires some sort of crowd control. Many smaller events can get by with signs and carpets. Larger events require something a little more sophisticated. Retractable belt barriers, posts with chains, … Continue reading

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