Why Plastic Stanchions Are Better Than Metal Ones

The Crowd

When you picture a large crowd standing outside an event venue, what’s your focus? Is it the number of people or their manner of dress? Is it the presence or absence of colorful tickets waving in the breeze? Most people would absently focus on these things, but any event coordinator worth his or her salt is going to take a look at the stanchions holding the crowd back. It’s a well-known fact in the event planning world that a plastic stanchion is an excellent choice for retaining a crowd. Here are a few reasons why.

Keep It Simple

For one, the look is ideal if you’re seeking to keep things simple. Some of the metal stanchions can sport quite an ornate look, and that’s fine if you’re going for an amped-up look. However, not every event requires this level of aesthetic, and even for a more upscale affair, the simple look of a plastic stanchion may do the job just fine. Just go with a simple black or white chain and stanchion setup, and you won’t regret the choice.

You’re also looking at the possibility of rust when you use metal stanchions. Plastic stanchions may well last longer, depending on the amount of outside use they get. You won’t have to check the forecast for a stray rainstorm when you set your stanchions out. If you do plan on using your plastic stanchions for outside events, make sure you get a variety that is made to stand up to UV rays. The last thing you want is for your investment, however economical, to fade over time.

Many Options

Another thing to consider when buying plastic stanchions is that there are many options when it comes to color. You can match virtually any color scheme, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with a particularly colorful event palette. These lightweight posts are also easy to move around, which makes setting up prior to and taking down after an event a breeze. Your support staff will thank you when they handle this task.

Safety First

Finally, consider the fact that, should there be an accident at an event you’re hosting or planning, plastic stanchions are the better options. It’s every event coordinator’s nightmare to have someone topple into a stanchion, but if this unfortunate happenstance should come to pass, you can be sure plastic stanchions will give to the weight of a human falling into them, while metal ones will not.

In the interest of attractiveness, durability, portability and safety, choose plastic stanchions when you decide to upgrade the materials for your next large event. Chances are, you won’t be sorry when you’re still using these lightweight, versatile posts years from now at other events.

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A Checklist before Buying a Pipe and Drape System

Pipe and drape systems are all around us. We see them at tradeshows, in changing areas and at voting stations as well as cordon off specific sets of individuals at an event. They typically are made of polyester, flame retardant and come in a variety of colors. They can have a logo or message printed on them or be plain. When buying your pipe and drape setup, though, you need to keep a few things in mind.


Knowing the size of the drape system is vital to making sure they can do what you need them to do. Opting for an adjustable configuration is a viable option in some applications, but you must have a general idea of the optimal size or you run the risk of having a drape system that is inadequate or too much. Consulting a pipe and drape specialist is one way of ensuring you get the size that best meets your needs.


The color(s) you choose for your pipe and drape system should match the purpose you have in mind for it. You want an opaque fabric and darker color for a changing room, private booth or pipe and drape backdrop. Something flame retardant is in order if your drapes are near hot lights. For a “red carpet” event, you may want to go with something a little luxurious. For most events, simple polyester is simple, easy to find and affordable.


What are you trying to accomplish with your pipe and drape system? Do you need a logo or have a message you want to get across? What colors will best allow you to accomplish your goals in terms of specific activities (like photo ops) and general environment? How often do you want to display your message or logo in a display? The answers to these questions will determine size, materials, colors, etc. and let you buy pipe and drape components that meet your needs.


Pricing for a pipe and drape system obviously hinges on what you need. Make sure you have a realistic budget in mind as well as contingencies if the only options blow that budget up. Knowing your price breaks before will also let you define your limits to a pipe and drape consultant.

Pipe and drape systems are effective at creating an atmosphere and barriers. Following this checklist will make sure your pipe and drape system meets your needs without breaking your bank.

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5 Ways to Use Pipe and Drape at Weddings

Planning a wedding is complicated enough as it is. Why not look for planning solutions that hit several of your wedding day needs all at once? While most of the things you shop for, like a cake or a tuxedo, have only one purpose, you can find pipe and drape for sale online that serves multiple purposes. These products, which consist of metal or aluminum pipe frames and a decorative drape, can form an artificial wall or panel. These are the top 5 ways this type of feature can be useful at your wedding.

Photo Ops

Every wedding needs a fun and stylish backdrop for taking photos as the wedding party and guests enter. Decorative pipe and drape kits are the perfect spot for photos while you and your guests make an entrance.

Reception Backdrop

The wedding party traditionally sits in a special, elongated table during the wedding reception. How to make this seat seem like the focal point of the room? Set up a pipe and drape kit with elegant ribbon and twinkle lights so all eyes are on you and your lucky lady or guy.

Lounge Room

Receptions tend to take place in large, open spaces, whether outdoors or in. A little intimacy is perfect for those who want to celebrate in a comfortable, small space with a few choice bits of company. Pipe and drape can be used to frame a pop-up room in the middle of the reception hall.

Hide the DJ

While DJ often acts as the emcee of the wedding and therefore deserves to be seen, some of their ugly and oversized equipment can be an eyesore at an event you’ll be working hard to organize. So why not have the DJ hide what they can behind a pipe and drape wall so your guests only see the necessities?

Create a Foyer

A good first impression is everything, especially at such a spectacular event as a wedding. Shop for pipe and drape for sale online to create an elegant foyer that guides your guests into the large reception space. Line the walls with lights, curtains, framed photos of the couple, and more.

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How to Set up Stanchion Ropes the Right Way

Stanchion ropes are excellent tools for creating lines, barriers, and safe foot traffic flow in a public space. Whether you’re participating in a public expo, presenting an art gallery showing, or even hosting a wedding, you need the right combination of rope and stanchions to keep a typically rowdy public in order.

Thankfully, rope and stanchions are easy to see, and they communicate very clearly where people should and shouldn’t go. However, you also need to set up the products correctly if you want to get the best from your investment. There are a few tips that you need to follow for appropriate use, to prevent damage, and to keep the public orderly. These are the most important tips you should follow on how to set up stanchion and ropes properly.

Height Matters

Proper stanchion and rope setup means allowing the ropes to dangle, but not too low. Usually, a rope will hang too high or low if you place the ropes onto the stanchions incorrectly, or if you place the stanchions too far apart or close together. Good spacing is key to appropriate use. Arrange your stanchions and ropes so that the rope dangles just below waist level, not down to the average person’s legs. One shouldn’t be able to step right over the ropes whenever they choose.

At the same time, if the ropes are too high and taut, people who guide their hands along the ropes as they walk or otherwise interact with ropes can tip over the stanchions.  When you set up your stanchions, test the ropes. They should be able to bounce a bit without coming apart or tilting over the stanchions on which they’ve been attached.

Use Good Fasteners

Different types of stanchions have different fasteners, and this can affect which type of rope you can and should use for security purposes. Portable, removeable, and wall-mounted posts all require different ropes. Using the wrong combination can make the entire system unsteady or even ineffective. If you need tips for purchasing the right stanchion ropes, visit an online store to explore product offerings and note which products work appropriately together.

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What to Look for When Buying Stanchion Retractable Belts

Retractable stanchions are a welcome addition to any business or event that requires crowd control in a non-intrusive fashion. Easy to operate, retractable belt stanchions are perfect for their versatility and efficiency. Before you buy retractable belt stanchions for your workplace, however, you’ll need to know a few things first.

Have a Look in Mind

At what kind of event or business do you need crowd control? Is it an elegant club or an outdoor family event? There are different styles of stanchions done up in different finishes. The belts come in a variety of colors as well, so take a good look at what’s available and see how they match up with what you need.

Consider the Length You’ll Need

When you order stanchions, they come in a variety of belt lengths. Imagine where they’re going to be located within your establishment, how long the lines should be, and use that as an estimate for the length of the belts you’ll require. Also keep in mind, the longer the belt, the fewer stanchions you’ll need. That’s convenient for longer lines, but you lose some versatility.

It Must Feel Solid

You can spend less for some retractable belt stanchions, but if you feel it and it seems flimsy, then it is. Since crowd control is a stanchion’s function, you’ll want it to be able to withstand crowds, and the heavy use that comes with it. Also, be sure the base is wide enough to avoid tipping over. Something on the order of 12 inches for a 3-foot stanchion or 14 inches for a 40-inch stanchion is the minimum of what you should expect.

Mind the Belt Ends

Do you already have stanchions on hand that you’re adding to? If this is the case, make sure the belt ends of the new stanchions you’re buying match those of the old stanchions you have. The last thing you want are two groups of stanchions that can’t fit together. If these are your first stanchions, make sure they have the universal belt ends. This will insure that they can work with most other brands.

Once you have your new stanchions in the style and length you like, bring them back to work and set them up. And then wait for the crowds, because you know you can handle them.

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Decorative Rope and Stanchion Options for Special Events

There’s something about a classic rope and stanchion set that conveys a sense of opulence and exclusivity. Society and the media have affiliated the two with the promotion of these products at red carpet events and awards ceremonies that feature celebrities. You can use the same traditional red velour velvet belts or others to create the same feeling of luxury among your customers and visitors.

Stanchions and Post Top Finials

When deciding on the type of message you want to convey to your crowd, you should consider the stanchion’s finish and post top finial. Most posts and base covers are made of stainless steel and often have either set in mirror or gold finishes.

The three most commonly provided finials are the ball, taper, and flat top options, which have their distinct style and appeal. A ball top, which consists of a polished sphere set atop the post, is considered the most elegant. A tapered top, which features a rounded trapezoid shaped finial, is widely believed to be the middle ground between the luxurious ball top and simple flat top. Last is the flat top, a simplistic yet sleek design that doesn’t sacrifice elegance.


The most critical design choice to consider is the type of rope you’ll be using. Available in a variety of lengths and colors, these elegant and durable ropes are sure to provide your guests with feelings of comfort and grandeur.


Widely considered the crème de la crème, velour ropes are prominently featured along the sides of high-end events and places, such as the Hollywood red carpet and five-star hotels. These ropes, which are made from soft and durable cotton covered with prime velour, have a timeless and lavish look and appeal.


If you want to go for a more traditional look, there’s nothing better to use than Naugahyde ropes. These ropes are made to look like leather and are often used in places looking to provide their customers with a more relaxed, laid-back feeling, such as lounges.

Braided Nylon/Rayon

Braided ropes are made from either nylon or rayon and form intricate patterns to provide a delicate touch and feel. They’re best used for establishments that require a more professional and elegant environment, like churches and casinos.

Twisted Polypropylene

Since it’s made to withstand less than perfect weather conditions, twisted polypropylene is ideal for exterior use. Its lightweight and UV-resistant qualities make it an incredibly durable rope that will last for years to come.

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Choosing the Right Rope Stanchion

A rope and stanchion line is one of the easiest ways for you to establish order and keep people happy at an event or in your business. People don’t deal well with ambiguity. When you set up stanchions that demarcate a route and have a clearly marked beginning and end, you give people the knowledge they need to do what you want them to do. At VIP Crowd Control, Inc., we have seen how happy people are to stand in one of these lines because there is no confusion about who’s first. What type of rope and stanchion setup do you need?

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Tips for Choosing the Right Pipe and Drape System

Are planning an event? If so, you may need a method of dividing the space to create designated areas for unique purposes. You may need to create a private area, separate trade show booths, or hang backdrops on a stage. All of these tasks can be accomplished by using a pipe and drape system. These barriers are very customizable and are easy to use at a variety of events like concerts, business conferences, and more. To choose the best system for your needs, use the tips below.

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Different Types of Crowd Control Barriers

If you expect a large crowd at your next event, crowd control barriers are an absolute must. These are necessary for directing the flow of people and managing groups. Whether you are shopping for a movie theater, stadium, or highway, here are a few of the most common crowd control barriers available to you.

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4 Different Uses of Pipe and Drape Systems

Pipe and drape systems are so common and useful that you’ve likely seen a set recently. Many public settings rely on a pipe and drape backdrop for a variety of different uses. These helpful dividers, which consist of strong pipe frames and long, elegant drapes, form a movable, artificial wall. There are many reasons why you’d want to use such a kit in a public setting. These are just 4 of the most common uses.

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