Choosing the Right Rope Stanchion

A rope and stanchion line is one of the easiest ways for you to establish order and keep people happy at an event or in your business. People don’t deal well with ambiguity. When you set up stanchions that demarcate a route and have a clearly marked beginning and end, you give people the knowledge they need to do what you want them to do. At VIP Crowd Control, Inc., we have seen how happy people are to stand in one of these lines because there is no confusion about who’s first. What type of rope and stanchion setup do you need?

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Tips for Choosing the Right Pipe and Drape System

Are planning an event? If so, you may need a method of dividing the space to create designated areas for unique purposes. You may need to create a private area, separate trade show booths, or hang backdrops on a stage. All of these tasks can be accomplished by using a pipe and drape system. These barriers are very customizable and are easy to use at a variety of events like concerts, business conferences, and more. To choose the best system for your needs, use the tips below.

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Different Types of Crowd Control Barriers

If you expect a large crowd at your next event, crowd control barriers are an absolute must. These are necessary for directing the flow of people and managing groups. Whether you are shopping for a movie theater, stadium, or highway, here are a few of the most common crowd control barriers available to you.

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4 Different Uses of Pipe and Drape Systems

Pipe and drape systems are so common and useful that you’ve likely seen a set recently. Many public settings rely on a pipe and drape backdrop for a variety of different uses. These helpful dividers, which consist of strong pipe frames and long, elegant drapes, form a movable, artificial wall. There are many reasons why you’d want to use such a kit in a public setting. These are just 4 of the most common uses.

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Choosing the Right Stanchion Ropes

When you have a large crowd that needs to be kept under control and corralled, stanchion rope can be a great way to improve your efficiency at that job. With many styles and functions that can be met, you will be able to make crowd control a breeze. However, so many choices can also become paralyzing, as you struggle to determine what type of rope is best for you. Here are three things to consider for your businesses rope purchase.
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5 Reasons Why Retractable Belts Are Great for Crowd Control

Retractable belts direct the flow of foot traffic in airports, restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, conventions, and almost anywhere that people may wait in line. This crowd control method is simple yet effective in five major ways.

1. Improved Customer Experience

Well-defined queues move more quickly and smoothly. Retractable belt stanchions form lines that reduce the stress of customers and employees alike. Orderly lines lower the risk of customer injury, especially during the business’s busiest times.

In addition, these stanchions can wall off VIP areas or keep visitors away from dangerous areas in the event of an accident.

2. Customization

A retractable belt stanchion can be permanently placed or portable. You can customize the material, design, and color of the belts and stands to fit the atmosphere of your business. Stanchions range from elegant high-class to simple minimalist designs.

3. Adaptability

Portable stanchions are much cheaper and easier to replace than permanent forms of line-forming crowd control.

Retractable belts are designed so you can arrange the belts into different configurations for different line formations. This is especially handy if your business has different amounts of customers at different times.

These stanchions are great for special occasions like conventions and trade shows. They’re lightweight and compact, allowing for easy transportation and storage.

4. Strength

Retractable belt posts are likely to get bumped, knocked over, and scratched over time. Make sure you choose hardy materials that can handle years of daily wear. For example, stainless steel posts resist damage, heat, and corrosion.

5. More Than Just a Barrier

With a little creativity, stanchions can provide more than basic crowd control. For example, you can customize or put signs on them to indicate important information like DO NOT ENTER and PARKING.

Customers waiting in line are a prime target for advertising. Install signs on top of your stanchions to advertise deals or new products. Try to customize stands or belts to include your brand’s colors or logo.

You may be able to customize stanchions so customers can write on them. This is helpful for banks and other locations where people might want to write while waiting in line.

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How to Buy Pipe and Drape Systems Online

Long-gone are the days where it’s necessary to actually go into a store and purchase items to hang drapery in your home. Brick and mortar stores are becoming less and less popular given how easy it is to purchase things online. In fact, there are several advantages to purchasing pipe and drape kits online as opposed to at an actual store.


Going to an actual store often involves traveling to a store, taking time out of your day. Then, once at the store, you are likely going to face crowds. Even if it isn’t crowded, you might find that getting good customer service or getting the help of an employee is difficult. Overall, the process can take a long time and require a lot of effort. Purchasing drape and pipe kits online can be far easier. You can take a look at a wide variety of products online, and examine them closely. Even though the actual product isn’t in your hand, you can read all the specifications of the item, and even zoom in and take a close look at the specifics.

More Variety

When buying pipe and drape kits from a specialized online store, you have far more selection than in some home and garden stores. Stores rarely have an extensive selection of pipe and drape kits on-hand, as stores are usually dedicated to more forms of decoration. It wouldn’t make sense for most of them to have an enormous variety on hand, whereas an online store can offer countless varieties and specific models. Online shops do not necessarily have to have inventory on hand, and instead, they can arrange for them to be mailed as needed.


With a specialized online shop, you can get more information about the product you’re buying. The details are often laid out in an easy-to-read format online. Furthermore, there are a wider variety of pipe and drape kits with more specific purposes and dimensions. Looking online is the best way to find pipe and drape kits for sale.

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The Benefits of Using Retractable Safety Barrier Systems

Safety is the priority of businesses everywhere. Whether you’re working on the street or have a remodeling project in your store or office, you want your guests, employees, and the people working on the project to be safe. A good safety barrier system can make that happen. At VIP Crowd Control, Inc., we know that not all safety barrier systems are the same. Here are some of the benefits of a retractable belt system.

Storage and Transportation

A retractable belt stanchion is easily stored and transported. Stanchions with retractable belts can be loaded into most small cars and taken anywhere they are needed. For a company that has multiple floors, buildings, or workplaces, these stanchions can be taken to each project site in turn without having to incur the extra expense of purchasing a new system for each site. When they aren’t needed, they fit conveniently into a designated storage area, ready for the next project.

Visibility and Recognition

Everyone knows what a retractable belt barrier looks like. Because people have already encountered this type of barrier, there is no question about what they are supposed to do. Whether it is to avoid an area or follow the belts to an appointed place, the system itself brings security by quickly communicating to newcomers that there is something to avoid or follow.

Convenient and Customizable

The retractable belt feature of a retractable safety barrier system is what makes it such a good system. The belts and stanchions can be easily adjusted by 1 or 2 people, depending on the weight of the stanchions. Simply detach the belt, move the stanchion, and reattach the belt. Multiple configurations give you the opportunity to provide protection for whatever type of space is involved in the construction or pathway layout. When you are done, the whole system is easily stored, with the biggest pieces being the bases of the stanchions. Many systems come in different colors, too!

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Various Uses of Retractable Stanchions

The use of a retractable stanchion system is commonplace in many businesses. However, some companies may not be getting the full use of them. Here are some of the various applications for your stanchions that can improve the flow of your business.

Creating Orderly Lines

People do try to line up as orderly as possible when waiting to get tickets or other purposes, but often, it doesn’t work out as systematic as you’d like. The line could become confused, and this can cause bad feelings and problems between customers, especially with line cutting issues. Using this type of retractable system, you can create easy to follow lines and change them as needed. Customers will be able to see where the line starts and ends easily.

Protect Staff Only Areas

There are times when you don’t want your customers walking in a particular area for whatever reason. Stanchions are one way that you’re able to mark it off to better prevent people from entering that shouldn’t enter. Signs are nowhere near as useful as a physical barrier. It’s easy for someone to say that they didn’t see a posted sign, but much harder to explain how they passed an actual rope barrier.

Crowd Control

There may be times when your company draws a large crowd that’s not exactly in a line but still needs to be contained to a particular area. The use of belted stanchions can make it easy to create a barrier for this type of application. Having a sale in your parking lot? Stanchions can create an easily defined area for where customers should be to protect them and those using the parking lot.

Ready to see how retractable stanchions can improve the way that you move customers through your buildings? Contact us today for your retractable belt stanchion needs. We can’t wait to help you find the crowd control options that will work best for your setup.

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Tips for Buying Pipes and Drapes Online

Pipe and drape systems are a convenient accessory for any event. Not only do they have a multitude of uses, they are easy to customize and rearrange. Setting them up requires no special tools or skills, and both setup and take down can happen quickly, giving you more time to spend on the event itself. The easiest way to a buy pipe and drape system is to shop for it online. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right type for your event.

Plan for Your Event

There are different styles of pipe and drape systems. They come in a variety of heights and lengths as well as different purposes. You may want a pipe and drape backdrop for formal pictures, or you might want your room divided into booths for a trade fair. You’ll also have to decide what color is best suited to your event. Which style you choose depends on what your needs are.

Think of the Future

If you manage a venue that frequently hosts special events, consider what type of pipe and drape system will be useful to you in the future, as well. While you might not need a pipe and drape booth for a wedding reception or prom dance, it could come in handy for craft shows and other similar events. It’s best to have plenty of options so you’ll be prepared no matter what.

Make Sure You Have Enough

As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once.” You don’t want to be stuck without enough pipes and drapes for your event. If you’re setting up individual booths, be sure to get a list of everyone who will be attending so you know you have the correct amount of pipes and drapes.

Special Types of Drapes

Along with standard pipes and drapes, you can find special drapes that are designed for specific purposes. Some are designed to block bright windows, which is great for private events. Other drapes are flame resistant, making them a safer choice if you have to hang them near a heat source. The good news is that shopping online gives you the ability to customize like never before, so you’re sure to find the exact pipes and drapes that are right for your needs.

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