Various Uses of the Pipe and Drape System

Pipe and drape backdrops are versatile systems that can be used in various ways at your event location. When you buy pipe and drape, you can choose from many sizes and colors to find the type that will be best for your event. They’re a subtle yet elegant way of controlling crowd flow or simply decking your halls with a little more style.

Trade Exhibitions

A pipe and drape system is great for exhibitions like trade fairs. In these types of events, one large hall is typically divided into many small areas so that each vendor or club can have their own space to set up their display. Pipe and drape kits provide ample privacy and are easy to set up and take down.

Freestanding Booths

A pipe and drape booth can come in handy at many events. Perhaps you need a private area where you can work away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Or, maybe you need changing rooms or secure search areas. These booths also make the perfect spot to station an emergency medical team or supplies- if an attendee requires medical attention, they’ll be able to be examined and treated in private.

Photography Backdrop

Give your guests a memory to take home with them by using pipe and drape systems to create a stylish backdrop for professional photographs. Whether you’re organizing a senior prom or a holiday party, your guests will be able to take away a special memory that can let them remember the night for years to come. It’s sure to be a hit at any event!

Decorative Features

Even if you don’t need to divide up your room, pipe and drape kits are a convenient way to temporarily decorate a room. This is important if you’re renting a room for the occasion or if you want to transform a room that usually has other functions, like a school gym. It’s a perfect way to incorporate your color scheme into the event and is especially handy for concealing piles of equipment or other eyesores you don’t want visible during the event.

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Different Types of Stanchions and Where to Use Them

Every event manager knows the importance of crowd control. You need to keep the queues moving in an orderly manner and direct incoming traffic, all within minutes. It can be difficult finding a barrier that is lightweight, expandable, easy to use, and doesn’t take up too much space. For years, the standard solution was to use stanchions and ropes. Revered for their sophisticated appeared, you’re probably most familiar with this setup, as it has been utilized for countless movie premieres and award shows. However, stanchions are quite versatile and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes.
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Reasons to Choose Plastic Stanchions for Crowd Control

If you are holding an event with a lot of people and only a couple of entrances, you might need to figure out a good way to control the crowd. A group of employees or friends shouting instructions is not very effective and can be expensive. At VIP Crowd Control, Inc., we understand that not everyone can afford top of the line crowd control equipment. It’s one reason we recommend plastic stanchions with plastic chains.

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The Importance of Crowd Control Products

Hosting a big event can be daunting. To make it easier to direct large crowds, it helps to use crowd control products, such as stanchions and barriers. These help define your event and tell everyone where they need to go next. Using retractable barriers also helps you change the flow of the crowd or remove the barriers entirely to open the space.

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Benefits of Buying Pipe and Drape Kits Online

If you’re about to host an event that needs a pipe and drape kit, your choices are to go to a specialized store or shop online. As it is for a lot of items, online shopping is generally a more practical option for pipe and drape systems for a variety of reasons.

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How to Choose a Retractable Belt Barrier

Are you looking for a retractable belt barrier? If you are about to organize a large event, open a store, perform maintenance, display valuable objects, or provide security for a building, then these barriers are a necessity. Belt barriers help control foot traffic, organize queues, provide safety for pedestrians, separate passersby from valuables they might be tempted to touch, block pathways, and more.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Stanchion Ropes

No matter what type of business you operate or what type of event you are planning, high-quality rope and stanchions will serve a variety of important functions.

Before you buy just any stanchion ropes, though, you should consider what exactly you need and where you should find the right products for your needs. These are the first 3 questions you should ask yourself before you make a purchase.
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What to Know before Buying Stanchion Ropes

Crowd solutions use stanchion ropes to provide crowd control and a funneling system. If you are looking for a traditional yet effective crowd control method, then purchase rope and stanchions to make sure that guests stay in the right areas. There are many other benefits of using these types of barriers. Here are some tips to know before purchasing them from a reputable supplier.

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The Benefits of Using Plastic Stanchions

Plastic stanchions, or posts that you can use to make lines and control foot traffic, are extremely useful tools. These low-price items can be used in businesses, galleries, parks, municipal buildings, lobbies, and many more locations. There are many benefits of relying on the plastic stanchion of your choice, both to the owner and those who interact with them. These are just some of the top benefits of investing in stanchions:
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5 Benefits of Using Plastic Stanchions

No matter what type of business you run, you know what a problem it can be to control a crowd at checkout, at the entrance, or during special sales like Black Friday. Fortunately, plastic stanchions are a great way to keep customers moving the direction you need them to. Here are 5 important benefits of using plastic stanchion posts that you should know.
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