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Pipe and Drape

Pipe and Drape Systems & Kits Online


Pipe and drape backdrops can set the stage for any event. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious lining for a party, drapery to provide privacy, or a backdrop for photography, VIP Crowd Control offers a wide variety of pipe and drape kits to give your event the special touch it needs.

Easy Setup and Clean Up

Our pipe and drape kits consist of only steel bases, aluminum pipes, and fabric drapes. Setting up a display is as easy as 1-2-3, and does not require special skills or tools. Our lightweight pipe and drape kits are easily transportable, and even easier to take down.

Save Time and Money

VIP Crowd Control’s easy pipe and drape kits not only look great, but they save time and money by providing a quick, cost-efficient solution to your decorating needs! Whether you need pipes and drapes for a single occasion or a regular event, our pipe and drape kits can help you get the decorations you want at a price that won’t break your budget.

Transform Your Event

Pipe and drape kits offer a versatile decorating solution that can be used to transform whatever space your event is being held in. From churches to schools, to weddings and convention centers, these easy-to-use pipe and drape kits can help you customize your space to fit your needs.

Why VIP Crowd Control?

VIP Crowd Control knows their event control. We offer a wide variety of pipe and drape kits and other products to help you take control of your premiere, book signing, or business event, all at competitive prices. Place your order today!

There are four major components of the setup for pipe and drape kits. The following information will give you a basic guideline to help you decide what requirement and specification are needed to setup a professional and appealing display.


This is the vertical aluminum pipe that decides the overall height of your booth. In the majority of cases, the finish of the upright is anodized, but black powder coated finish can be requested. The upright comes in different options: one piece upright setup, two pieces upright setup, and adjustable upright setup. Depend on the budget and situation of the environment, every option has its own market.


The steel base weights that come in rectangular shape are a major factor affect the stability of your pipe and drape setup. In order to be sure your pipe and drape display will not be tip over easily, a proper weight requirement on the base plate is mandatory. The higher the upright goes, the heavier the base plate is needed.

Cross Bar:

This adjustable horizontal pipe is both the support between two uprights and the rod for hanging over the drape. Depend on how far apart the distance is called for between two uprights, there are different interval of cross bars can be chosen from.

Drape Panel:

This is the fabric that hangs over the cross bar to achieve the required setup for each event. There are quite a few fabric selections on the market. The opacity and the material of each fabric decide where the display is being used.

The following table goes to the end of the page.
Complete Drape Package 8' x 10' Backdrop Kit Qty 8' x 20' Backdrop Kit Qty Photobooth Kit Qty
Upright 8' 2 8' 3 8' 4
Cross Bar 6'-10' 1 6'-10' 2 4'-7' 4
Base Plate 14" x 16" 2 16" x 16" 3 16" x 16" 4
Drape Panel Premier Fabric 3 Premier Fabric 6 Premier Fabric 10
Specification 1.5" Diameter 2" Diameter
Upright 3' H 8' H 4' H - 7' H 6' H - 10' H
Structure Fix Fix, 2 pcs
Break Apart
Adjustable Adjustable
Finish Anodized Anodized Anodized Anodized
Slot Cut out At Top At 36"H & At Top At Top At Top
Cross Bar 1.5" Diameter
Structure Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Size 4'-7' 6'-10' 7'-12' 7'-12'
Finish Anodized Anodized Anodized Anodized
Base Plate Low Profile Design
Base Pin 6"H 6"H 6"H 6"H
Size 8" x 14" 16" x 14" 16" x 16" 18" x 18"
Finish Grey Powder Coated
Weight 6 lbs 12 lbs 15 lbs 17.5 lbs
Edge Rounded Rounded Rounded Rounded
Drape Panel Premier Fabric
Dimension 34"H x 60"W 94"H x 60"W 94"H x 60"W 118"H x 60"W
Opacity 60-70%
Feature Fire Retardant
Machine Washable Cold Gentle Cycle
Drape Panel
Color Selection
Black Black
Yes Yes Yes Yes
White Black
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blue Blue
No Yes No No
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