Why Plastic Stanchions Are Better Than Metal Ones

The Crowd

When you picture a large crowd standing outside an event venue, what’s your focus? Is it the number of people or their manner of dress? Is it the presence or absence of colorful tickets waving in the breeze? Most people would absently focus on these things, but any event coordinator worth his or her salt is going to take a look at the stanchions holding the crowd back. It’s a well-known fact in the event planning world that a plastic stanchion is an excellent choice for retaining a crowd. Here are a few reasons why.

Keep It Simple

For one, the look is ideal if you’re seeking to keep things simple. Some of the metal stanchions can sport quite an ornate look, and that’s fine if you’re going for an amped-up look. However, not every event requires this level of aesthetic, and even for a more upscale affair, the simple look of a plastic stanchion may do the job just fine. Just go with a simple black or white chain and stanchion setup, and you won’t regret the choice.

You’re also looking at the possibility of rust when you use metal stanchions. Plastic stanchions may well last longer, depending on the amount of outside use they get. You won’t have to check the forecast for a stray rainstorm when you set your stanchions out. If you do plan on using your plastic stanchions for outside events, make sure you get a variety that is made to stand up to UV rays. The last thing you want is for your investment, however economical, to fade over time.

Many Options

Another thing to consider when buying plastic stanchions is that there are many options when it comes to color. You can match virtually any color scheme, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with a particularly colorful event palette. These lightweight posts are also easy to move around, which makes setting up prior to and taking down after an event a breeze. Your support staff will thank you when they handle this task.

Safety First

Finally, consider the fact that, should there be an accident at an event you’re hosting or planning, plastic stanchions are the better options. It’s every event coordinator’s nightmare to have someone topple into a stanchion, but if this unfortunate happenstance should come to pass, you can be sure plastic stanchions will give to the weight of a human falling into them, while metal ones will not.

In the interest of attractiveness, durability, portability and safety, choose plastic stanchions when you decide to upgrade the materials for your next large event. Chances are, you won’t be sorry when you’re still using these lightweight, versatile posts years from now at other events.

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