3 Advantages of Using Plastic Stanchions

If you look closely, you’ll notice plastic stanchions are used all over the place for the purposes of crowd control. They’ve become so common, you may not even notice they’re there. That’s the point! Plastic stanchions can control crowds without customers feeling constrained in any way. Here are a few reasons you should consider this effective form of crowd control in your business.

1. Remove the Stress

Big crowds can lead to uncomfortable situations. Customers may jockey for position to either purchase a particular item, or for service at the checkout line. Meanwhile, employees might have to deal with cranky customers, and nobody wants that. Plastic stanchion posts can organize the floor of your shop so it’s clear to everyone who’s shopping and who’s waiting at the register. Furthermore – since stanchions are practically cut-proof – there’s no confusion about who’s next in line. After all, customers don’t mind waiting in line so much as long as they feel like they’re being treated fairly.

2. Cleaner Look

For a business to be successful, it needs repeat customers. A disorganized sales floor can turn off a potential customer. The last thing you want is for someone to walk in off the street and then leave frustrated, never to return. Not only do plastic stanchions aid in a business running more efficiently, they can make your store look better in the process. Customers are more likely to become repeat customers if they know your shop is running smoothly.

3. Last-Second Purchases

A line is a captive audience. That’s why they’re perfect places for merchandising! Lining your plastic stanchions with products you’re promoting – and products your customers don’t even know they need – is a sure-fire way to encourage impulse buys. With plastic stanchions being as inexpensive as they are, the sales you make while your customers are waiting in line can quickly pay for those new stanchions.

Of all the upgrades you can make to your store, plastic stanchions are among the least expensive and most effective.

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