How to Transform Pipes and Drapes into Amazing Display

No matter what type of event you are hosting, pipe and drape kits can help take it to the next level. But they can do more than just hide a bland wall; there are endless design possibilities when it comes to these versatile setups. Get inspired for your next big event by browsing these three creative ideas.

Splash of Color

Though black may look elegant for some occasions, you can the make your backdrop stand out by choosing different colored drapes. Think about a few different colors that fit your theme. If you are going to a trade show, use your company colors or, for a wedding, use your theme colors. You can use a single color for the drapes or alternate a few different colors. If you want to get even more creative, you can use different fabrics. Try alternating a more basic fabric with a different colored fabric that has more sheen to it.

Draped Layers

Another way you can transform your pipe and drape display is by layering different fabrics on top of each other. Though it may seem complicated at first glance, this look can be easy to achieve with the proper tools. When looking at pipe and drape for sale, try to find a set that is made for draping. There are many different ways you can layer the drapes. Consider setting up a solid curtain in the back and pulling the front curtains to either side. You could also gather the front curtains, creating a stunning accent for the front layer. This is a great way to add some depth and texture to your display.

Add Your Own Flair

Perhaps the best way to make your pipe and drape display stand out is by adding your personal touch to it. Personalize your display with thematic elements that match the event. If you are at a company event, use drapes that match your company colors and hang up the logo and other branded materials. If you are at a themed party, consider putting decorations on the drapes.

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