Smart Ways to Manage Your Customer Service Queues

Customer service queues are the bane of most businesses. Disney parks have developed elaborate queues for people who stand in line for hours after a long, hot day of walking long distances. Your queues may not need to be as elaborate, but you still want to be able to direct people to where they need to go. At VIP Crowd Control, Inc., we have seen that ropes and stanchions are the basis for a good customer service queue. After all, even Disney Parks use them to enhance their lines!

Clear Path

Using a rope and stanchion setup makes the path clear, especially if you have a marker where the line begins. People are used to seeing these types of queues everywhere, especially in places like banks and on the red carpet of the Oscars. By putting these in place for your business, you are giving people something familiar that allows them to find the right way to the cash register or help desk without having to talk to anyone.

Room to Grow

The number of stanchions you use can change with the time of day and with your growth as a business. If you have a lot of people coming in or you expect a big crowd on a day like Black Friday, you can increase how many stanchions you put out. Because they are flexible, you can even make a smaller space seem larger while paradoxically making the line seem shorter by increasing the number of turns the line has.

Safe Travels

With a good rope and stanchions setup, people will be able to tell who’s next. Few people will choose to cut in line and that means less anger and fewer arguments, which could become something worse. By marking the path that people are supposed to travel and making it clear which part is the front and which part is the end, you create a queue that will foster feelings of comfort and safety.

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