The Evolution of Crowd Control Techniques

Places such as airports, amusement parks, sports stadiums, groceries, and shopping malls tend to have a lot of people walking in and out. Such areas can be quite congested at some times if proper crowd management is not applied. To avoid any unfortunate occurrences in crowded areas, VIP Crowd Control Inc. has come up with crowd control techniques using rope stanchions.

Check out the following tactics:

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding is a perfect show of how crowd control techniques have evolved over time. To ease crowd navigation, clear signage and markers are used to help visitors to find their way around. By so doing, you are able to manage the congestion that comes about when people are confused. Wayfinding will not only help in crowd control, but it also helps in selling your brand.

For your wayfinding strategy to work, you can use stanchion ropes with signage posters on them to show people where to go. The signage should be clear and consistent. In addition, it should be in large letters to enable people to read from a distance.

Queue Management

Queuing is a normal procedure around events, shopping malls, airports, movie theaters, banks, and several other areas. To control the crowd, use stanchion ropes to demarcate the queuing areas. You can use in-line entertainment to distract the people from the monotony of being in a long queue.

Temporary Closures

Sometimes, you may need to block access to a certain area maybe for renovation, cleaning, safety, or repairs. Ensure that you mark it clearly, so that people don’t get stranded. If you are blocking a major passageway or facility, give the visitors an alternative.

To prevent people from going past certain areas, you can use banners or a stanchion rope to show that the area is off-limits.

Rapid Deployment

Whether you want to keep people away from an overflowing toilet or simply block a certain passageway for cleaning purposes, you will need fast deployment. A stanchion rope is portable and will aid in fast deployment. If it is a large area like a stadium with many people, you will need enough manpower to help you lay out as many stanchion ropes to cover the area.

Customer Flow Management

All the mentioned techniques aid in customer flow management. You want your customers to be satisfied with your service, and it all starts with the way you manage a crowd.

The next time you have an event, or if you want to manage the flow of people at your premises, take into consideration the above crowd management techniques. Do not forget to hire or buy rope stanchions to demarcate passageways and queuing spaces. Contact VIP Crowd Control Inc. to learn more!

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