Which Crowd Control Barrier Is Best for Your Venue?

Any event that involves more than a handful of people requires some sort of crowd control. Many smaller events can get by with signs and carpets. Larger events require something a little more sophisticated. Retractable belt barriers, posts with chains, and interlocking steel barriers are all crowd control devices that can work in different places.

Who’s Going?

The first thing to take into account is who will be showing up for the event. Even a large congregation of church-goers can generally get away with fewer crowd control barriers if the message of how things works is obvious and has been communicated from the pulpit. Events that may be a bit rowdier, like a concert or circus will require something sturdier, especially for the outside line that is sure to form. Upscale events may require red velvet ropes and stanchions to maintain the posh atmosphere. Add a carpet to the mix, and you’ve clearly drawn lines that most people will respect.

What’s the Space?

If you need to put people in an outdoor area, sturdier stanchions and interlocking barriers might be your first choice. Parade routes, rodeos, and a host of other places where rain might fall and the number of people who are possibly intoxicated increases need sturdier barriers that can keep people from accidentally falling into the oncoming floats. A smaller indoor space may require nothing more than tape on the ground and arrows. However, stanchions and ropes will always look better and provide a bit more direction.

How to Choose

If you’re still undecided about the best barrier to get, you can talk to a VIP Crowd Control for retractable belt barriers and other crowd control devices. He or she can help you decide what type of barrier will be best for your event and venue while also providing the pros and cons of renting or buying the barriers. Don’t leave this important decision to chance. The right crowd control can enhance your event.

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