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crowd control products
crowd control products
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crowd control products
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Sign Frame Assembly

READ BEFORE INSTALLATION – Any persons assembling these products (contract installers, employees and other personnel) must provide this product guide to those persons, store manager, site or maintenance supervisor etc. Read the instructions thoroughly before assembly, all product questions can be directed to VIP Customer Service, (888) 521-0328 Office hours are M-F 9am -6pm PST.
crowd control products
Required tools, Phillips head screw driver (Size #2), Power Drill and ¼" Drill bit
  1. Align sign frame threaded standoff with the hole on the top of the stanchion head mount.
  2. Assemble screw and washer through the stanchion head mount into the threaded stand off.
  3. Tighten firmly but do not over tighten.
  4. Place assembly on to the top of a stanchion post.
  5. Your sign can be inserted into the sign frame.
  6. Your sign should be no larger than 1/8" X 11 X 7 in any one dimension.
Occasional cleaning of sign frame with a mild household cleaning product is recommended. Do not use any cleaner containing alcohol or ammonia. Sanitizer should also be considered pending the install location.
crowd control products