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Crowd control products
Crowd control products
Crowd control products
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Crowd control products
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Wall Mount Assembly

READ BEFORE INSTALLATION – Any person assembling these crowd control products (contract installers, employees and other personnel) must provide this product guide to those persons, store manager, site or maintenance supervisor etc. Read the instructions thoroughly before assembly, all crowd control product questions can be directed to VIP Control Control Customer Service, (888) 521-0328 Office hours are M-F 9am -6pm PST.
Crowd control products
Required tools, Phillips head screw driver (Size #2), Power Drill and ¼" Drill bit
  1. Place wall mount unit - item 1 using the mounting plate as your mounting/drill template then simply mark the hole locations with a pencil.
  2. Drill the 4 holes as marked using a ¼" Drill Bit.
  3. Insert the plastic Wall expanders - item 3 into the drilled holes. Fit flush with the wall.
  4. Place the Wall Mount Plate matching mounting location on the wall and assemble using 4 screws item 2.
Occasional cleaning of the post and base cover with a mild household cleaning product is recommended. Do not use any cleaner containing alcohol or ammonia. Sanitizer should also be considered pending the install location.
Belt End Locks for Stanchion Products
Crowd control products All VIP belted stanchion products are supplied with a belt end lock. This product feature can be found on the end of the belt.
After the belt has been extended, secure the belt end by simply turning the lock away - as shown in the example. The function of the belt end lock is designed to secure the belt end to another stanchion or wall mount.
Then test to check if the lock is secure by trying to lift up the belt end from the mounted position, it should feel snug when trying to pull up.
Lock all belts after extending the belts into place.
If the belts lock fails contact VIP corwd control products service center for an immediate replacement.
Crowd control products